Alice Goodwin

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Alice Goodwin isn’t the most well known model in the world.  In fact, I didn’t know who she was until I saw her in Hotness Rater’s Hottest Women.  In 2009 she was voted Zoo Magazine’s hottest topless babe of the year.  Yeah we haven’t heard a whole lot about her since but she has been around.

Her boobs are a little too big for serious modelling… well okay, maybe a lot too big.   That hasn’t stopped her from being in Zoo Weekly, Maxim and Nuts magazines.  She is also found on Elite TV on the babe channel.  So although we aren’t going to see her as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model or modelling lingerie for Victoria’s Secret, we can expect to see her huge boobs in some of the places that appreciate huge boobs (Like this site)


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