Bia and Branca Feres

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What is better than Brazilian models?  How about identical twin Brazilian models who are also synchronized swimmers and actresses?

These two competed for Brazil in the 2005 Pan American Junior Games and in the 2007 Pan American Games. They won second place in 2005. There was some talk about appearing in the 2008 Olympics but it never happened.

They decided their future was in modelling and not synchronized swimming so they retired from swimming and went under the knife for breast implants. I’m not sure it helped much. Although they have done some modelling work, including the cover of Brazilian magazine VIP, they just aren’t getting a ton of top magazine work (they did however go topless for a Trident commercial). That could change though. They were born in 1988, so they still have a few years left on them. I would love to see them in a Sports Illustrated shoot.

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